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Found a cure for anger
Author: bikinibodyguidereview 12 of june 2016 23:54

When the experiment on mice US researchers have identified a receptor in the brain, also existing in people, which is responsible for acts of aggression. Experts, locking it has reduced hostile reaction and aggression.


Breakthrough made Professor of pharmacology Marco Bortolato together with colleagues from the University of southern California , based on their previous work, in which they found that people and animals with congenital deficiency of the enzyme monoamine oxidase (MAO) very hostile react to stress or other irritating factors.


"The same type of mutation, as was found in mice is associated in people with hostile behavior, particularly the bandits and criminals," says Marco Bortolato. In his opinion, the combination of such factors as low level of MAO and childhood injuries that lead to aggressive behavior in adulthood.


New research of American scientists showed that the hostility of mice that lack the enzyme fell after NMDA-receptors are blocked in the prefrontal cortex. However, the researchers mention about existing risks: "the Part of serotonin receptor antagonists, of course, can block aggression. But long-term use of these blockers may lead to serious adverse results."


Although scientists suggest the enormous potential of this survey. Whatever goals of life and the environment of man, his behavior, correctional and controlling the impact on anger and irritability in the future will become possible.


At the moment the specialists of the task - the development of a treatment regimen, and pharmacological preparations, used for acting on receptors, which control the hostile behavior of a person.

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