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Author: bikinibodyguidereview 12 of june 2016 23:54

Attention! In Stavropol conducted diagnostics of the whole body with a unique methodology Reinhold Folladoras diagnostics is very high (95-98%),as Dr. Voll was, during the great Patriotic war,  the SS division «Annenerbe», which was engaged in experiments on people in the concentration camp «Auschwitz». About this organization, «Anenerbe» I also want to say a few words. It was established in 1933 as an elitist mystical order, and since 1939 on the initiative of Himmler became chief research structure within the SS and had at their disposal more than fifty research institutes. The experiments were conducted between life and death,but not in the experimental animal,therefore the accuracy of this method (diagnostics) so high.

"There is no incurable disease, there is a lack of knowledge. And aging is a disease that can be treated." 

(C. I. Vernadsky)

The method allows to perform diagnostics of separate bodies : the examination of the heart and its diseases, stomach, liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, gynecological diseases, endocrine system, skin diseases will clarify their status and health. 

selects treatment, according to the individual characteristics of the organism; if necessary, the treatment will be prescribed homeopathic preparations. 

it is possible to normalize the metabolism; 

to select individual selection of pharmacological preparations in order to reduce their side-effects. If you are the contraindications to the medication, you will prescribe homeopathic preparations. 

after running diagnostics on Foll you can spend rehabilitation therapy; 

diagnostics allows to measure energy potential of a person (aura), and also tested different items made of silver and gold.

Remember! Health is our main wealth,the lack of which,all else becomes unnecessary,irrelevant and geinteresseerden life pass Mimobot about the state of your health today.

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