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Found a quick way to get new medicines

Scientists at the research Institute of SCRIPPS applied to the modification of organic molecules absolutely new technology, which add to the previously inert components functional group to get different medicines, as well as other organic substances. 

«This is the most basic tool for the retrieval of new chemical compounds, it has a wide field of applications,» said Dr. Jin-Quan Yu (Yu Jin Chuan) the lead author of the new study, which is published in the journal Nature, Professor research center.  Co - Dasheng Leow (Dachny Leo) and Li Gang (Gan)

If compared with the traditional method of replacing only those already existing in the molecule functional groups, the method of «activated CH-bonds - as chemists identified removal from the carbon ring hydrogen atom and its replacement with functional chemical groups - it is the most direct way to increase the complexity of the structure, which in the future can provide valuable new properties. 

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