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The most useful food

All very many people say that we need to eat healthy food. However, not everyone knows what a useful food. We give this article a couple of good for your health products. Eat them more often, Then You are guaranteed to notice improvement!


For healthy hair

Pumpkin seeds
Add in their porridge tablespoon of the seeds.

Nonfat cottage cheese
Hair very desired protein. None of the products except cheese, not much protein!


For the brain

We all know from childhood!

Green vegetables
Cabbage, for example. According to research, two servings of vegetables a day - especially green leafy such as cabbage - slow 40% of cognitive decline.



Sunflower seeds
They polezen nose due to vysokodispersnye vitamin E.


For the eyes

Whole eggs
The yolk is the source of two antioxidants-zeaxanthin and lutein , carotenoids, struggling with cataract and macular degeneration, which causes blindness. Drink whole raw, washed in the egg shell. However, do not eat in a day more than 1 egg, not to exceed a standard cholesterol.

According to scientists from Cornell University this cabbage provides beta-carotene in 25 times more than usual. Beta-carotene is required to support a protective coating on the cornea.

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