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Organization healthy workplace

Most people spend most of my time. This factor can affect their overall health. You can catch the disease or to turn out a lot of stress. First, we are talking about office workers. However, even Priazovie that Your work is not in the office, working place in any case should be organized properly.

1. In your Cabinet and Desk should be clean

Cleanliness is an obvious fact. But we should say a few words about the mess.. It makes You increase the stress, uudset, Your health, which is one big disadvantage. The disorder also decreases Your productivity. Do not forget about it!

2. Make sure that You always have the water

Clean air and water are the main pieces of health. Therefore You always at work should be water.


3. Open the Windows and put in the office plants


4. Ask for office ergonomic set

From chairs to the keyboard.


5. Encourage healthy habits of their employees

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