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Bad if I drink a lot of fluids?

The liquid is necessary for the body. Doctors and nutritionists from all over the world sure for a cheerful and good work in our body need to drink at least a liter of water. Without food a man can live for about a month, but without water only a week. While reducing the level of fluid in the body is present threat of increasing fatigue and low efficiency. Doctors in hot climates enjoy three to four liters of fluid in the cold is quite a liter or two.


When receiving a greater than normal amount of water, the kidneys refuse to process it. Then there may come hyponatremia or brain swelling. A similar case happened in the USA, when a small woman drank about seven liters at a time and died in a few days. However, she died immediately. When the hyponatremia, which suffered a woman, the sodium Content in blood is decreased. With a good knowledge of symptoms (drowsiness, disorientation, sputannosti consciousness, convulsions.) you can protect yourself from such an unenviable fate.


Of course, the measure must be known at all. Very harmful small consumption of water, but perebarschivat you can say goodbye to life. Listen to your body.

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