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Almond - benefit and delicacy

There is no doubt in popularity and fame of almonds, as a great power source, now it became obvious health benefits, comparable with many other recognized products, improving health.


Below You can familiarize with the basic useful properties of almonds:


More energy

Despite the fact that many before work in the morning, normally eat, there is a category of people, which is much more important than thoughts about food, arrive early. It is for them is perfect almonds. He energizes, comparable with a hearty Breakfast, all day.

Improvement of blood

Almost all food is present sodium and potassium. Almonds contain a minimum of sodium, worsening the process of transfer of nutrients into the blood to all parts of the body. Potassium it is enough. Potassium opposite improves quality and speeds up the transfer of nutrients into the blood throughout the body.


In almonds contains large amounts of calcium, strengthens teeth, nails, bones. From this we can say that almonds will help you become strong and healthy.


Reducing levels of «bad» cholesterol

The almond has polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats in considerable quantities, thereby reducing levels of «bad» cholesterol.

Helps to lose weight

At a low content of calories, almonds very nutritious. Therefore, it refers to products that did not get fat even when eaten in large quantities. Almonds are perfect for a diet.

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